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The following are announcements pertaining to the Martha’s Landing Condo Community


Repairs on Property

Recently Completed:

  • Deck repairs and top coating
  • Exterior painting
  • Clubhouse locker rooms/bathrooms remodeled
  • New wood fence staining

Work to be done:

  • Some unit windows failing, vendor approved to replace failed material where needed.
  • New roofing
  • Parking lot maintenance: asphalt work, restriping, renumbering parking spaces, and curbing.

Additional details can be found in the last board meeting minutes from Aug 5, 2017.


Rummage Sale – Oct 7

Our next Rummage Sale is Saturday, Oct 7th in the Clubhouse from 9am to 5pm! Saturday only!

All MLC residents are welcome to set up tables (Friday and Saturday) and sell their stuff in the clubhouse.
No fees. Set up and take down as you wish.

We will post a Craigslist ad and signs around the neighborhood. If you can help with posting signs please volunteer!

We welcome the surrounding community to attend!

Contact: Carla DeRosier


Noise Levels

Noise pollution can happen at any hour, not just quiet hours (10pm – 8am). Please be respectful and understanding of neighbors on the first floor. Some of the units have flooring that creaks so, just a reminder to upstairs units: hard walking, stomping and running can be very loud for downstairs neighbors especially if you have hard flooring.

Similar to “inside voices”, children can be taught to use “inside steps”.

Many thanks!


Playground Issues

Please be considerate and respectful of the “common areas” and teach children to clean up after themselves or help them clean the yard. Toys left out overnight in “common areas” run the risk of being thrown away.

NOTE: the doggy poo bags are provided as a courtesy to pet owners, not as toys for indiscriminate unsupervised play.