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The following are announcements pertaining to the Martha’s Landing Condo Community


After consulting with the Board we have an update for the community.

Due to the Covid-19 Virus situation, the upcoming March 28th Annual and Budget ratification meeting has been cancelled. We are going to keep the dues at the same rate as 2019 for the rest of 2020 and payment coupons will be mailed out next week for the remainder of the year.


It is being discussed and likely the meeting will be rescheduled to November where we can annually combine the annual and budget meetings to allow for dues change if necessary to correspond with the fiscal year. Once a decision is made we will notify the owners.


The cabana facility is currently closed for safety reasons. Hopefully, this is a short term closure and it is being considered to increase cleaning to allow for it to re-open. For now it is closed.


Additionally, at this time we are suspending the charging of late fees until further notice.


Stay safe,

Tom Gish


Noise Levels

Noise pollution can happen at any hour, not just quiet hours (10pm – 8am). Please be respectful and understanding of neighbors on the first floor. Some of the units have flooring that creaks so, just a reminder to upstairs units: hard walking, stomping and running can be very loud for downstairs neighbors especially if you have hard flooring.

Similar to “inside voices”, children can be taught to use “inside steps”.

Many thanks!


Playground Issues

Please be considerate and respectful of the “common areas” and teach children to clean up after themselves or help them clean the yard. Toys left out overnight in “common areas” run the risk of being thrown away.

NOTE: the doggy poo bags are provided as a courtesy to pet owners, not as toys for indiscriminate unsupervised play.


Proper Large Item or Furniture Disposal


Please think about our community before dumping

Please remember that our whole community is affected when residents or others dump large items of furniture at the garbage and recycling areas. We will be fined for this misuse and this eats away at our communities HOA funds that could have been used for maintenance of our common facilities and property.

There are many resources for donating items such as the Goodwill Donation Center just down the street. Some organizations even pick up items at your home.

To Schedule a Pickup:

Habitat for Humanity –
Northwest Center –
Salvation Army –
St. Vincent de Paul – Call (425) 355-3505

If nothing else, you can put it up on Craigslist for free or try your local Buy Nothing group.

If your item truly is garbage, please break it down and actually place it inside the dumpster. Please do not place non-recyclable items like furniture and trash inside the recycle bins.


Parking Concerns

The lot on the South property line was sold; it is the empty lot at the top of the driveway ON Larch Way with the blackberry brambles and tall grass on it.

It is NOT the part of the lot the empty/abandoned house and garage slab are on. So for now we still have parking. A lot of owners though have commented about the amount of vehicles parking there and nonworking or possible abandoned cars that their owners may want to move elsewhere.


No Dumping – Please Report

Dumping has become a big problem in our complex. Large TV’s, electronics, mattress, box springs, large furniture, and more are being left at all dumpster sites. We are charged extra by the garbage collection company whenever this happens — this costs everyone money! Please DO NOT DUMP belongings!

Suggested Disposal:

Signs will be placed at the dumpster stations and residents will be fined for dumping inappropriate items as mentioned above.

Non-residents have also been caught dumping.  When you see this happen, at least document the license plate number of the vehicle and report that to the local police department. Thank you.