After consulting with the Board we have an update for the community.

Due to the Covid-19 Virus situation, the upcoming March 28th Annual and Budget ratification meeting has been cancelled. We are going to keep the dues at the same rate as 2019 for the rest of 2020 and payment coupons will be mailed out next week for the remainder of the year.


It is being discussed and likely the meeting will be rescheduled to November where we can annually combine the annual and budget meetings to allow for dues change if necessary to correspond with the fiscal year. Once a decision is made we will notify the owners.


The cabana facility is currently closed for safety reasons. Hopefully, this is a short term closure and it is being considered to increase cleaning to allow for it to re-open. For now it is closed.


Additionally, at this time we are suspending the charging of late fees until further notice.


Stay safe,

Tom Gish

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