What do I need to do to use the Cabana?

Reserve the cabana for a child’s birthday party, small gathering of friends, or a pool party. Whatever your excuse to party is, it’s really simple to reserve the space. Just contact Diana Lovitt, dilovitt@yahoo.com to check for availability.

The kitchenette includes some utensils, mini-refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

Seating includes bar-stools up to the eat-in kitchenette bar.  Small dining table fits four but the dining space would accommodate eight to ten easily. Just add another card table and folding chairs and throw a tablecloth over it and no one will know it’s not a formal long dining table. The living room area includes comfortable couch and two chairs for a maximum seating of five near the fireplace.

Rates (non-refundable): $15 for 4 hours
Cleaning & Damage Deposit (refundable post inspection): $50

Bring cleaning supplies as these are not furnished but please  clean up after the use of the space if you want the deposit back.

A  board member, who has keys to the clubhouse, must be coordinated to let you in and do the post party walk-through which can be difficult when we all have jobs and some do not reside on campus. Overall, your communication for the event should be with Carla Derosier 425-245-7898

Who is responsible for cleaning the cabana, gym, pool, etc?

We are each responsible for these facilities as part-owners. This is owner maintained common property so we appreciate everyone’s help to keep the bathrooms neat, empty the garbage if full, report broken equipment or damage right away so that we can review security camera’s to nab any offenders.

Cleaning:  Carla DeRosier

Pool maintenance:  Kai Chinn

What makes for a healthy Home Owners Association (HOA)?

  • Annual meetings that a majority of owners in attendance.
  • Owners who do not serve on the Board, support the Board, and serve the condo community as needed.
  • Homeowners pay their monthly dues and special assessments on time to the HOA. These assessments exist to benefit you and your entire HOA and community.  If they are not paid or delinquent, something will suffer as a result.
  • Understand that the HOA is an entity consisting of many volunteer owners and exists for the benefit of the whole. Sometimes our own desires may not be in the best interests of the entire homeowner community. Flexibility and understanding are important considerations.

How can I help within my Martha’s Landing Condo Community?

Successful volunteers have these common traits:

  • A positive can-do attitude!
  • Kindness and genuinely likes people.  Everyone can use more pleasant team members on their team.
  • Initiative and determination. A great volunteer isn’t afraid to tackle projects because they take ownership – they are there for the long-term to help organize. They are willing to look at timelines, project how to do the project and who should be involved.
  • Great communicator. They ask questions, listen and document their work. A great volunteer is willing to share knowledge and help others.
  • Demonstrate an active effort to promote the community. They may not have all the skills for a specific project, but they recruit help from others and participate wherever they can.
  • Willingness to learn new things. Volunteers have to adapt to changes along the way. They recognize that flexibility is key to getting the job done while building relationships along the way.