Proper Large Item or Furniture Disposal


Please think about our community before dumping

Please remember that our whole community is affected when residents or others dump large items of furniture at the garbage and recycling areas. We will be fined for this misuse and this eats away at our communities HOA funds that could have been used for maintenance of our common facilities and property.

There are many resources for donating items such as the Goodwill Donation Center just down the street. Some organizations even pick up items at your home.

To Schedule a Pickup:

Habitat for Humanity –
Northwest Center –
Salvation Army –
St. Vincent de Paul – Call (425) 355-3505

If nothing else, you can put it up on Craigslist for free or try your local Buy Nothing group.

If your item truly is garbage, please break it down and actually place it inside the dumpster. Please do not place non-recyclable items like furniture and trash inside the recycle bins.

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