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HOA Board Meeting – April 16

Next Meeting date: Saturday April 16th, 10:00am, Please bring your own chair, there is limited seating, sorry for the inconvenience.

This next meeting is important since it is the Annual Home Owner’s Meeting where Board members are elected and the exterior paint color will be chosen!! PLEASE COME TO THE MEETING, everyone is welcome!

Last meetings minutes: February 13, 2016


HOA Board Meeting – May 30

All Homeowners at Martha’s Landing Condos are invited to meet with the board at the clubhouse on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 10:00am for the next HOA meeting. Your input is very valuable and we hope to see you there.

Due to the Board Secretaries recent move, meeting notes will be forthcoming as soon as she has technology all up and running again. Thank you for your understanding.


Introducing New Board Members

Your new Martha’s Landing Homeowners Association board has been voted in and would like to thank you for your input and support in the coming months.

HOA Board Members

President: Paul Vereeke
Vice President: Kirk Fullmer
Secretary: Carla DeRosier
Treasurer: Jane Savage
At large: Peter Muna, Jon Givens, Sara Chapman