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Exterior Paint Color’s

The committee and any other interested Home Owner’s will be meeting Monday March 14, 2016 in the Clubhouse briefly at 7:00pm to start discussing and preparing display boards for the two color scheme options Home Owners will get to vote on at the upcoming Annual HOA meeting in April.
Please join us if you have current knowledge of the PNW and Lynnwood WA paint colors that will enhance and increase value for our property, we would really appreciate knowledge and experience being shared!!

HOA Board Meeting – April 16

Next Meeting date: Saturday April 16th, 10:00am, Please bring your own chair, there is limited seating, sorry for the inconvenience.

This next meeting is important since it is the Annual Home Owner’s Meeting where Board members are elected and the exterior paint color will be chosen!! PLEASE COME TO THE MEETING, everyone is welcome!

Last meetings minutes: February 13, 2016


Time to Check Your Utility Bills

It’s important to check up on your utility bills periodically to see if there’s a spike in your water/power usage, internet fees, or if there’s a better way of disposing of that big mattress you need to throw out, etc.

These items can have a profound impact on your pocketbook as well as some that effect  our whole community through HOA fees such as garbage, recycling, and water consumption. If your faucet leaks one drip per second you’ll waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. You could take 180 showers with all that water!

Articles you might find helpful:

Proper disposal of large items

Energy Conservation Tips

Water Saving: Check for leaks

Water Conservation Tips


Annual Fire Alarm Test

Pro Comm will be conducting the annual fire alarm test on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015.

They will be starting at approximately 9:00 am and should be completed around 1:00 pm Buildings will be serviced alphabetically (A bldg. first, B bldg. second, etc.)

Please note that the fire alarms will be sounded periodically throughout the day during this testing.



(The units in these buildings are not individually alarmed but serviced by exterior pull stations and alarms)

Please make arrangements to be home or provide a neighbor a key as they need to inspect each unit’s smoke detection devices. You may provide me in advance of the inspection with a key to your unit if desired.

Failure to provide access may result in a charge to your account if an additional trip charge is required by Pro Comm.

Please take any action you deem necessary in regards to your pets, etc.

If you have any questions please call Tom Gish at Port Gardner Management 425-339-1160 ext. 223


Proper Large Item or Furniture Disposal


Please think about our community before dumping

Please remember that our whole community is affected when residents or others dump large items of furniture at the garbage and recycling areas. We will be fined for this misuse and this eats away at our communities HOA funds that could have been used for maintenance of our common facilities and property.

There are many resources for donating items such as the Goodwill Donation Center just down the street. Some organizations even pick up items at your home.

To Schedule a Pickup:

Habitat for Humanity –
Northwest Center –
Salvation Army –
St. Vincent de Paul – Call (425) 355-3505

If nothing else, you can put it up on Craigslist for free or try your local Buy Nothing group.

If your item truly is garbage, please break it down and actually place it inside the dumpster. Please do not place non-recyclable items like furniture and trash inside the recycle bins.